Java Resources

Here is a bunch of links to the websites which have a lot of usefull information on Java and related technologies. I have come across these sites over the past 4 years of me working with Java, and I will keep adding them here for all of you.
A list of open-source java based software.

IoC Container Comparison
A great overview of IoC Containers - HiveMind, Spring and PicoContainer

A implementation of Speex Speech Codec in Java. A great tool for building Voice Messaging Solutions.

Windows Tray Icon for Java
Free Java API for getting your app to minimize to a tray icon in Windows.

Dr. James Gosling WebLog
The Father of Java. He's got some interesting things to talk about.

I read this blog a lot. Hani rules. He biles a lot about different Java related issues, technologies and people

My Blog
My personal blog. This blog will have some tutorials on XTOM before they make it to this site.

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